Dear SBISD Key Communicators,

As an educator and district leader, I've often imagined what it would be like if every member of our community was empowered to connect with and support every school in Spring Branch. 
This dream is one reason I was eager to launch the Key Communicators initiative this school year.  Engaged community members - like you - can further the work of our teachers and staff for the benefit of Every Child. 
What's impressive about SBISD is that you're not alone. You stand with a cadre of parents, business leaders, Good Neighbors, volunteers, partners, non-profit organizations, and mentors, all of whom form a support structure on which our learning organization thrives. 
As I write this, we've just finished celebrating January as National Mentoring Month; I can think of no better time to honor and celebrate this segment of that cadre than to share the compelling stories of SBISD mentors. Please join me in the celebration by taking a few moments to listen to and share their stories. 
Read about our recent Mentor U event featuring Roy Juarez, Jr. Mr. Juarez delivered a moving story of being homeless as a child and how having a mentor lead him to a second chance and hope. 
His message on developing trusting relationships and listening as part of giving mentees voice was a powerful one you won't forget. Please read it here. 
Then, check out a special video series, My Mentoring Storyfeaturing a few of the many voices of SBISD mentors and mentees, each one a reminder about the power of a mentor and his/her ability to truly transform lives.  
Our mentors are a gift for many reasons, one being their constant presence, the other being their willingness to listen and share their stories. By showing up and demonstrating they care, they've shown our kids they have value. 
By sharing their stories, they've opened the door to each of us to be part of a much larger conversation about hope, understanding, relationships, empathy, and trust. 
I encourage you to share these stories with your colleagues, friends, and family. Our mentors put SBISD's promise of Inspiring Minds and Shaping Lives into practice. As a Key Communicator you have a unique opportunity to champion this message and challenge others to take up this important cause:
  • Read and share Mr. Juarez' story on your social media channels.
  • Comment, like, or share one (or all) of our video segments.
  • Sign up encourage your friends and colleagues to mentor in SBISD.
If you're already an SBISD mentor, I thank you! If you’re not, I encourage you to become one. Our mentors play a critical role in programming like READSBISD, a new umbrella for community-supported literacy initiatives in SBISD that directly supports our priority of literacy. It's one of the many ways mentors are transforming lives - one child at a time.
In closing, I want to thank you for being a Key Communicator and my partner in sharing the SBISD story. I look forward to continuing this conversation in the weeks ahead.


All my best,



Jennifer Blaine, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


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Inspiring minds. Shaping lives.
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