August 2019

Our District Priorities

As we think about our new school year, I want to share a few thoughts about our district priorities for our educators, families, students and partners. I have walked in many of our staff members shoes during my own career.

I‘ve prepared for a new school year as a classroom teacher, an instructional specialist, an assistant principal and principal. I’ve also led several SBISD operational divisions. What everyone wants and needs at this time of year is simple – more time – and there is never enough of it!

I have asked our educators and all our employees to think through the lens of two really big ideas this year. These are focus and clarity. You will hear me say these words often as they will be important to all of us this year and in the years ahead. As a school system leader, I believe that rather than focus on a lot of things on a high, or surface, level, we should focus on a couple of things and do them really, really well. 

At the elementary level, these priorities include an intense focus on literacy. If kids don’t learn to read and write well, it is likely their futures will be diminished. We will also focus on numeracy, or math skills, so students are prepared for higher-level classes. Ultimately, their success in any course of study depends on these two foundational skill sets. Finally, we must all work together to focus on social-emotional supports for kids. We want our children to feel good about themselves and happy being in school so they can grow academically and be prepared for middle and high school.

At the secondary level, we will continue to focus on literacy, as we also move ahead on digital expansion to provide students with the devices and network connectivity they need. SBISD is committed to implementing itslearning, a learning management system and online platform which connects students, teachers and families.

As our students go off to college and other post-secondary institutions, they will have to be prepared  to learn and work in any number of digital formats. We need to prepare our kids for future post-secondary settings. This also necessitates that we commit as a school system to focusing on our Career & Technical Education (CTE) programming. We need to have the very best possible, and most robust, CTE programming not only in the big State of Texas, but across the nation. I truly believe that Spring Branch will reach this level of programming excellence. 

About 2,200 SBISD employees work directly in a classroom, and several thousand of our employees work in support positions that are critical to reaching our district goal. Simply put, we could not operate our school system without all of us working together. I know our parents will agree that our custodians, bus drivers, office staff and other employees who work beyond the classroom walls getting kids to and through school each day, making sure our facilities are clean, and providing breakfast or lunch – are critical individuals in our students' lives and success. Our employees in finance, purchasing and other areas play an essential role, too, in helping all kids to reach our T-2-4 goal, to walk across the graduation stage and to be prepared and successful in their next steps in life. 

Similarly, I know our 4,600 employees would concur that our parents are hugely important partners in the success of our students and our schools. I encourage you to engage in your child’s learning and in our schools. We need you!

Join me for a great year ahead!

Elementary Priorities:
Literacy & Numeracy
English Learners
Social-Emotional Supports

Secondary Priorities:
Literacy & Numeracy
Social-Emotional Supports
Digital Expansion
Career & Technical Education (CTE)