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Feb. 26, 2018
Board agenda
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Opening Remarks

Dr. Muri opened with comments about the recent school shooting in South Florida and measures taken by SBISD to protect students. He said that SBISD’s top priority is the safety and security of students, a responsibility that the district takes seriously and that drives decisions every day.

Ongoing in SBISD:

  • Every school has a safety plan, based on national standards guided by the Department of Homeland Security. Those plans are reviewed annually by SBISD police and audited by the Harris County Department of Education every three years. The audit is submitted to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). SBISD was audited just prior to Hurricane Harvey last year and the audit sent to TEA.
  • The plans are not public.
  • Campuses annually conduct an active shooter drill.
  • SBISD police get and share information with other local law enforcement agencies.
  • Local police chiefs meet and talk regularly.
  • SBISD police maintain interagency agreements with other law enforcement agencies to help improve response times.
  • The SBISD Police Department has been reorganized to improve response times.
  • Every SBISD police officer receives annual training on active shooters.

In the wake of Parkland, Fla.:

  • All safety plans will be re-reviewed. The safety audit will be reviewed.
  • SBISD officers are increasing their visibility across the district.
  • The district will conduct a reunification drill soon.
  • Principals have reviewed protocols with staffs.
  • Department of Homeland Security updates are closely monitored.
  • And most importantly, he said, district and campus leaders are working to ensure that every child has a meaningful relationship with a trusted adult on campus, someone a child feels comfortable going to with information.

He said that there will be an item on the March 5 board workshop agenda for more discussion.

Character Without Question

Trustees recognized the annual Character Without Question award recipients, one student from each campus who represents positive character traits such as respect, caring, kindness and a willingness to “do the right thing.”  Those traits are guided by the district’s five core values – Collaborative Spirit, Collective Greatness, Every Child, Limitless Curiosity and Moral Compass.

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The 2018 SBISD Character Without Question Award recipients on stage at Northbrook High School.

2018-19 Enrollment Projections

Trustees unanimously approved enrollment projections for the 2018-19 school year.

2018-19 Enrollment Projections

Declaration of Surplus Property

Trustees unanimously approved designating as surplus a 2.351-acre parcel of property near Shadow Oaks Elementary. The property will be advertised for bid and sold according to state law.

Consent Agenda

Trustees unanimously approved the consent agenda. The consent agenda is a collection of routine items that are considered as a whole. A trustee reserves the privilege of removing an item or items for separate consideration. No items were removed.

Consent Agenda (agenda item 6)

Data Warehouse Update

Trustees heard an update on the data warehouse and data dashboard being developed by several SBISD departments. Melissa Stadtfeld of Assessment and Compliance said that the project is on track to “go live” in May. Branded Compass, the data dashboard will display online relevant measures of student success from the data warehouse. Associate Superintendent of Research and Design Elliott Witney said that by displaying multiple measures of student success, the community can see a “bigger picture” of what’s happening with SBISD students.

Data Warehouse Update

Budget Update

Associate Superintendent of Finance Karen Wilson gave trustees an update on the 2019 budget (the 2018-19 school year). She said that Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) has sent letters to those whose property was reappraised in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey but the district has not yet received any summary information from HCAD. Trustees authorized HCAD in October to reappraise properties inside SBISD impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Wilson said that 2018 expenditures adjusted for reduced enrollment have been rolled forward into 2019, and that a deficit is projected. She said that revenue projections will depend on the HCAD reappraisals and resolution of a lawsuit by several smaller districts concerning a TEA rule interpretation about recapture. She said that SBISD will pay $75 million in recapture this year (adjusted for the reappraisals) and anticipates paying $87 million in 2019, $91 million in 2020 and $106 million in 2021. Wilson said that the state contributes on average 38-42 percent to school districts, but SBISD’s high property wealth means the district receives far less than that.

She said that the state relies on school property taxes increasing to balance its biennial budget – a item in the current state budget anticipates an increase in school property taxes of 7 percent one year and 6 percent in the second year of the biennium.

Budget Update

2018-19 Campus Staffing Definitions and Guidelines

Trustees heard an update on campus staffing guidelines for the 2018-19 school year. Associate Superintendent of Talent and Operations Jennifer Blaine said the staffing definitions and guidelines have been updated to reflect what happens in practice and the Opportunity Culture positions that have been introduced across the district.

2018-19 Campus Staffing Definitions and Guidelines
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