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February 27, 2017
Board of Trustees Regular Agenda:
Board Agenda
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Recognition of #IAMSBISD Award Recipient

The #IAMSBISD campaign recognizes members of the Spring Branch ISD community who represent the best qualities and demonstrate the core values of SBISD. Medallions are awarded by Dr. Muri and senior staff and recipients receive instant recognition through social media and are invited to be recognized at that month’s regular board meeting.

Community Relations Officer Linda Buchman presented an #IAMSBISD medallion for #CollaborativeSpirit to Donna Burnett of Accountability and Research for her cheerful building, maintaining and tracking of multiple versions of the 2018 academic calendar. Calling Burnett the “silent hero of the administration building,” Buchman said that Burnett not only shepherds academic calendars but also puts together the district’s program of studies each year. And, she serves as the district’s grammarian, frequently called upon to proofread district documents.

Donna Burnett (second from right) with Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri (left), Linda Buchman and Board President Karen Peck.

Recognition of All-State Choir, All-State Band and All-State Orchestra Students

Trustees recognized SBISD musicians who were named All-State in their various disciplines. Students competed through several rounds of auditions to earn All-State, beginning last fall at the District, Region and Area levels. Students and their directors were brought forward by Director of Fine Arts Rusty Hess. From Memorial High School: James Herrington, Band (Director Suzanne Thompson); Cameron Trout (two-time All-State), Joshua Gao, Mariam Haider, Lola Budimir and Allison Gentry, Choir (Director Lawrence Johnson). From Stratford High School: and Catherine Wu (two-time All-State) and Bengochea Isabella, Orchestra (Director Richard Fahey); Zachary Barnett (two-time All-State) and Sydney Simmons, Band (Director Richard Graham).

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Spring Branch ISD All-State Band, Choir and Orchestra students, with Board President Karen Peck (left) and Dr. Muri.

Recognition of Character Without Question Award Recipients

Trustees recognized the district’s Character Without Question winners, one from each campus. Students are nominated by teachers and go through an interview process that’s based on a long-term commitment to any or all of these character traits: honesty/integrity, responsibility/dependability, respect, perseverance/effort, courage, caring/kindness, and citizenship/civic virtue. These students demonstrate, as Community Relations Officer Linda Buchman put it: “the timeless belief ... that people can and do help each other (and) what it means to have the highest character.” Warren Matthews, a senior vice president at Wells Fargo, who along with the Spring Branch Education Foundation sponsor the awards, told students that Character Without Question is “the most important recognition that Spring Branch ISD gives each year.” Students received a framed photo of themselves with their parents, and a copy of the book, “What Do You Do With an Idea?”

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Spring Branch ISD’s Character Without Question recipients at the Monday, Feb. 27, Board of Trustees meeting at Northbrook High School.

Approval of Enrollment Projections for the 2017-2018 School Year

Trustees unanimously approved enrollment projections for the 2017-18 school year. The district expects 35,042 students next year, a zero percent increase. Trustees discussed the projections during the February workshop meeting.

Board Workshop

Approval of the 2017-2018 Campus Staffing Definitions and Guidelines

Trustees unanimously approved staffing guidelines for the 2017-2018 school year. The guidelines determine campus staffing levels and offer campus leaders some flexibility. Trustees discussed the projections during the February workshop meeting.

Board Workshop

Approval of a Change in Payment Date for Second and Final Supplemental Payment

Trustees unanimously approved moving the date for the second supplemental payment for employees from June 16 to May 16. The first portion of the two-time salary supplement of 2 percent (at least $500) of each employee’s salary – given in lieu of an salary increase this year – was paid in December. Also approved were changes in the dates of employment to receive the payment.

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Adoption of Resolution Authorizing the Defeasance of Bonds

Trustees unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the defeasance of bonds associated with the 2007 bond program. A defeasance serves to pay off bonds prior to scheduled maturity reducing interest paid by the district.

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Approval of Letter of Support from Board President for District Leadership Development Opportunity with the Holdsworth Center for Excellence in Education Leadership

Trustees unanimously approved a letter of support from Board President Karen Peck to the Holdsworth Center for SBISD’s participation in an innovative leadership program. Established with $100 million from Charles Butt, CEO of H-E-B, the Holdsworth Center has invited a select group of school districts to apply, of which six will be accepted for the inaugural class. Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri said that, if accepted, the program presents a tremendous opportunity for himself and senior staff members, as well as up to 60 percent of campus leaders and their leadership teams. The first cohort of districts will go through the five-year program at no cost, including travel. He said the center wants to build curriculum around the districts involved.


Consent Agenda

Trustees unanimously approved the consent agenda. The consent agenda comprises items considered routine and is considered as a whole. Trustees have the privilege of removing items from the consent agenda for individual consideration. No items were removed for separate consideration.

Consent Agenda (Item 6)

Partnerships and Volunteer Programs Update

Abby Walker, Pat Waldrop and Becky Wuerth of Community Relations provided trustees with an update of programs. Walker said that she, Waldrop and Wuerth would highlight a few programs and that all programs are T-2-4 aligned. She said the Good Neighbor program, the district’s primary vehicle for partnerships and support, has grown from 55 entities and individuals to more than 250 last year. Volunteer programs give partners “a meaningful way to participate in schools,” she said. More than 10,000 individuals annually volunteer, spending more than 200,000 hours on campus – representing an investment of more than $4.7 million. Wuerth and Waldrop talked about SpringBoard and Collegiate Challenge, two of the district’s mentoring programs. Wuerth said that research shows that students with mentors are less likely to skip school, more likely to enroll in college, less likely to start using drugs and more likely to be involved in extracurricular activities. Waldrop said that nearly 23,000 students participated in one or more events provided by Communities in Schools (CIS), which provides interventions, case management, and connects students in need with social and other services. Walker said that the United Way is “very embedded” on a number of campuses, in a number of programs.

Trustee Pam Goodson said after the presentation that the district’s partnership and volunteer support is “very unique” and that she’d like to see the data presented published, especially for people looking to move to Spring Branch.


Legislative Update

Dr. Muri told trustees that a group of parents from SBISD, including Trustee Chris Gonzalez, had spent the day in Austin at the Capitol for PTA Day, and that he understood that “those that represented Spring Branch were well received.” Dr. Muri also told trustees that he had been invited to testify on Tuesday, Feb. 28, before the House Public Education Committee. “It’s a good opportunity for Spring Branch to be at the table,” he said.

Trustee Chris Vierra, the Board’s legislative liaison, said that while committee hearings are ramping up, no bills are yet being heard. She said, though, that the district is watching a number of bills. She said the next trip to Austin for Trustees would likely be after Spring Break. Trustee Goodson said that she appreciates the community’s work in Austin. Trustee Gonzalez said that the voice is “more powerful” when directly from parents and the community.

Dr. Muri’s Testimony (around the 3:11:00 mark)
SBISD School Finance Website

The next Board of Trustees meeting is the workshop on Monday, March 6, 2017, at 6 p.m., at the Wayne F. Schaper Sr. Leadership Center, 955 Campbell. The next regular meeting is Monday, March 27, at 7 p.m., at the Wayne F. Schaper Sr. Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.

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