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March 27, 2017
Board of Trustees Regular Agenda:
Board Agenda
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Sights and Sounds

Trustees watched a video spotlighting the SBISD’s T-2-4 partners, including College Community Career, OneGoal, The Posse Foundation, EMERGE, and Collegiate Challenge. These partners work with SBISD preparing students for life after high school graduation – particularly academic life – as it continues toward its goal of T-2-4 – doubling the number of students who complete a two- or four-year degree, technical certificate or military training.



Trustees then recognized each partner with the #IAMSBISD honor, given by Dr. Muri and senior staff to individuals or groups who exemplify one or more of the district’s core values – Every Child, Collaborative Spirit, Collective Greatness, Limitless Curiosity and Moral Compass. Community Relations Officer Linda Buchman told of each partner’s relationship with the district, then brought up one or more representatives from each group for recognition.

Board President Karen Peck (left) with Trisha Cornwell, EMERGE; SBISD Executive Director of Student Support Services Lance Stallworth; Sandra Nunez, EMERGE; Felicia Martin, EMERGE; Sherese Woolard, EMERGE; Abigayl Flores, EMERGE; Patty Williams-Downs, OneGoal; Kathy Rose, College Community Career; Pat Waldrop, Collegiate Challenge; Shanthi Radhakrishnan, OneGoal; Community Relations Officer Linda Buchman; Patty Cordrey, Collegiate Challenge; and Dr. Muri.

Recognition of SBISD Business Students

Trustees recognized SBISD business students who medaled earlier this month at the Texas Business Professionals of America state competition. Stratford High School business teacher Mary Jackson said that these students competed against thousands of students from across Texas, with the first eight places in each contest earning a medal. Students qualified at a regional competition to advance to state, and medaling at state qualifies the students for national competition. Medaling from Stratford High School were Sydney Lawrence in Fundamental Accounting; Andrew Nash in Financial Mathematics; Joyce Park in Advanced Interview Skills; and Perry Shepard, Business Meeting Management. Medaling from Memorial High School was Raymond Nguyen in Advanced Java Programming.

Board President Karen Peck (left) with Joyce Park, Sydney Lawrence, Perry Shepard, Mary Jackson and Dr. Muri.

First Reading of Policy

Trustees unanimously approved on first reading of policy DFE (LOCAL) – Termination of employment, resignation. Board policy liaison Katherine Dawson said the update was a housekeeping measure to clean up wording. The policy moves on to second and final readings. Trustees can offer amendments to the policy.


Task Force to Study Grade Weighting Practices

Trustees unanimously approved a charge and composition for a committee to study grade weighting practices. The charge is guided by the question: Are students selecting courses based on their needs and interests or are there other factors impacting course selection? The committee composition was amended to allow for additional middle school representatives and a board liaison. Dr. Muri will bring back names of potential committee members for approval at an upcoming board meeting.

Charge and Composition

New Term Rate for Variable Rate Bonds

Trustees unanimously approved authorization for a new term rate on a series of variable rate bonds sold in 2013 as part of the 2007 bond package, with repayment split between 2018 and 2019. Associate Superintendent of Finance Karen Wilson said that said that $8 million of the $60.9 million in variable rate bonds has already been paid off through the reset process, and that the split will allow the district to pay down remaining debt more quickly. She said variable rates are low right now. Trustee Chris Gonzalez said that when the district manages its own money – like it does with the bond fund – “we do really well.” Gonzalez added that it’s the district’s maintenance and operation fund – subject to recapture – that’s hurting right now.

Cover Page
Certificate of Order

Consent Agenda

Trustees unanimously approved the consent agenda. The consent agenda lumps together action items that are considered routine, to be approved on a single vote. Trustees have the privilege of removing items from the consent agenda for a separate vote. No items were removed for this vote.

Consent Agenda (Item 7)

Interim Report from Long Range Facilities Committee

Trustees heard an interim report from the Long Range Facilities Committee (LRF), which has been meeting since November and is preparing a “snapshot” of facilities condition while looking out over 10 years. Ken English of the district’s consultant AECOMM presented the report and said that while numbers were still coming in, his team had assessed every facility in SBISD. English said the committee was crucial in helping establish priorities and providing direction to the assessment teams. The interim report, which includes every district campus but not 10 or so support facilities, puts a price tag of $965.4 million on bringing those facilities up to district and educational standards.

Trustee Pam Goodson said that price tag could rise significantly when the other numbers come in, but the $965 million, while a big number, isn’t that far off from the last long-range facilities report, which preceded the 2007 $597.1 million bond election and was approved by voters. She added that she didn’t see transportation and technology in the report, both of which were part of the 2007 bond. English said that the board’s charge to the LRF did not include transportation and technology. He said that construction costs have risen since the last bond but that contractors are working off backlogs right now and will be looking for new work.

Dr. Muri said that as superintendent, he thinks the report calls for action but the local budget can’t address such capital expenditures. “It isn’t too early to talk about a bond,” he said, “and what that looks like for our district.” Trustee Goodson recommended creating a bond advisory committee now to avoid a gap between it and the LRF. Associate Superintendent of Finance Karen Wilson said that the district has significant bond capacity without a tax rate increase. She said that the Interest and Sinking tax collected for debt service is not subject to recapture.

The board instructed Dr. Muri to bring a proposed charge and composition for a bond advisory committee to the workshop meeting on April 10.

LRF Interim Report
Cost Summary

Overview of Student Support Services

Trustees heard a report on Student Support Services from Executive Director of Student Support Services Lance Stallworth. Stallworth lifted out seven areas under his direction that directly support students—Guidance and Counseling; Early Childhood; Coordinated School Health; Nursing; the System of Care; and To and Through. Stallworth introduced Northbrook High School Estrella Hernandez, who matriculated through SBISD schools and is working with College Community Career to prepare herself for college and pursuing a nursing degree. Hernandez thanked the district “on behalf of her family,” including her “baby boy,” who she delivered as a high school student. “I want him to be proud of his mama,” she said, “and have the opportunities I’ve had.” Trustee Chris Vierra said that she’s been going to Austin during the legislative session and hearing how bad public education is. “I wish the Legislature could see this,” she said. “Great things are happening in public schools.”

Student Support Services Presentation

Parameters for 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Community Relations Officer Linda Buchman presented proposed parameters for developing the 2018-2019 academic calendar. She asked particularly for guidance on a start date of no earlier than Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018, and flexibility using minutes or days to help the district build in two state-mandated bad weather days. After some discussion the board agreed on the parameters. The SBISD District Improvement Team (DIT) develops the academic calendars.

Proposed Parameters for 2018-2019 Calendar

2017-2018 Board Meetings Schedule

Trustees discussed a meeting schedule for 2017-2018, coinciding with the district’s fiscal year, which begins on July 1. Trustee Katherine Dawson brought up the possibility of a Spring Workshop – trustees currently hold two all-day workshops, generally in September and December – but no action was taken on the suggestion.

Draft 2017-2018 Board Meeting Schedule

Legislative Update

Dr. Muri lauded parents who have been working the Legislature on behalf of public education, talking both with the local delegation and key lawmakers. He said that two new A-F bills have been filed and the district is monitoring those, along with many other bills. He said that there’s “not much noise” now with school finance and that he wants to keep up momentum on the issue. Trustee Vierra said that the House seems to be behind House Bill 21, Rep. Dan Huberty’s school finance bill that works in SBISD’s favor. She wasn’t so positive about the bill’s reception in the Senate. She said the letter the district sends with its tax bills explaining where SBISD tax dollars go has gotten some attention in the Capitol and was mentioned in a House Ways and Means Committee hearing.

March 6, 2017, Workshop Meeting Briefs

The next meeting of the Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees is the April workshop, on Monday, April 10, 2017, at 6 p.m. at the Wayne F. Schaper Sr. Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.

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