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April 24, 2017
Board of Trustees Regular Agenda:
Board Agenda
Board meeting videos now available online

Sights and Sounds Around Spring Branch

Trustees watched a short video celebrating SBISD teachers.


#IAMSBISD Award Recipients

Trustees recognized three SBISD employees who were recently awarded #IAMSBISD medallions. #IAMSBISD recognizes individuals or teams who exemplify one or more of the district’s core values of #EveryChild, #CollectiveGreatness, #CollaborativeSpirit, #LimitlessCuriosity and #MoralCompass. Earlier last fall, bus driver Brock Hammon circled back on his route to find a younger student’s glasses that had fallen out of the bus, and return them to Meadow Wood Elementary. And earlier this year, bus driver David Calaway recognized that a student on his bus at Treasure Forest Elementary was choking and administered the Heimlich maneuver, dislodging a couple of pieces of candy. After being checked by the school nurse and his parents contacted, the student returned to the bus for the ride home. And, also earlier this year, Valley Oaks Elementary nurse Jackie Petrie recognized a medical condition in a child and told the parents, who took the child for a check-up. The parents insisted on checking the child for this medical condition and the diagnosis was confirmed, leading to appropriate treatment and care for the child. All three were awarded #IAMSBISD for their #MoralCompass, for recognizing and knowing the right things to do.

Board President Karen Peck (left) with bus driver Brock Hammon, Associate Superintendent of Talent and Operations Jennifer Blaine, and Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri.
Board President Karen Peck (left) with bus driver David Calaway, Associate Superintendent of Talent and Operations Jennifer Blaine, and Dr. Muri.
Associate Superintendent of Academic Performance and Support Tyler Ream (left), Board President Karen Peck, Valley Oaks Elementary nurse Jackie Petrie, and Dr. Muri.

Youth Art Month

Trustees recognized SBISD art students whose work has been recognized at the highest levels. Coordinator of Visual Arts Sally Doyle presented the students before a slide show of their work. This year 30 students were recognized, with more than half attending the board presentation. Student work is recognized in places such as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE), Scholastic Art Awards, among others.

Slide Show
List of Recognized Students
Board President Karen Peck (left) and Dr. Muri with elementary and middle school outstanding art students.
Board President Karen Peck (left) and Dr. Muri with high school outstanding art students.

Share a Smile

Trustees recognized participants in the district’s Share a Smile program, which encourages and enhances customer service across the district. This year, 37 campuses and departments were recognized with six new sites joining the campaign. Eleven campuses and departments who have completed three years of participation earned the coveted, "Blue Carpet Award," a lobby carpet announcing that theirs is a site that Welcomes-Hears-Values-Helps all who pass through its doors. In addition, 11 campuses and departments have completed four or more years of participation. Community Relations Specialist Becky Wuerth made the presentations.

Participating Campuses and Facilities: Bear Boulevard, Buffalo Creek, Bunker Hill, Cedar Brook, Frostwood, Hollibrook, Housman, Landrum Middle, Lion Lane, Meadow Wood, Northbrook Middle, Nottingham , Panda Path, Pine Shadows, Ridgecrest, Shadow Oaks, Sherwood, Spring Branch Education Center, Spring Branch Elementary, Spring Branch Middle, Spring Forest Middle, Spring Oaks Middle, Spring Shadows Elementary, Spring Woods High, Technology Training Center, Thornwood, Tiger Trail, Valley Oaks, WAIS, West Support Center, Westwood, Wilchester, Wildcat Way

Departments: Advanced Academic Studies, Community Relations, Financial Services, SBISD Police Department, Technology Services, Transportation

Cover Page
Share a Smile campus and department representatives with Board President Karen Peck and Dr. Muri.

First Reading of Policy

Trustees heard on first reading Legal and Local Policies in Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Update Packet 107. Legal policies are generally only reviewed. Policies are “read” three times, at three separate meetings, with approval on third and final reading. Trustees can offer amendments to the policies as they go through the process.

TASB Update Packet 107

To submit comments to the Board on any of the policies in the packet, click here.

Adoption of Policy

Trustees approved on third reading DFE (LOCAL) – Termination of Employment, Resignation, which would allow certain administrators in human resources to accept employee resignations (in addition to the superintendent).


Revised Charge and Composition of Bond Advisory Committee

Trustees approved the charge and composition of a Bond Advisory Committee (BAC). The BAC will comprise approximately 100 members and be charged with development of a proposed bond package recommendation to be submitted to the Board of Trustees by June 30, 2017. The BAC will draw on the findings of the Long Range Facilities Committee and other previous work.

BAC Charge and Composition

Membership of Bond Advisory Committee

Trustees approved the prospective membership of the Bond Advisory Committee (see previous item).

T-PESS Principal Appraisal System

Trustees approved using T-PESS as the principal appraisal system for SBISD. The T-PESS (Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System) better aligns with T-TESS, the teacher appraisal system, and both T-PESS and T-TESS align with The Learner’s Journey, the district’s strategic plan.


Woodview Elementary and Treasure Forest Elementary 2017-18 Turnaround Plans

Trustees approved the turnaround plans for Woodview Elementary and Treasure Forest Elementary. Both schools are in Year 2 of Improvement Required (IR) under the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS), with progress monitored by the state of Texas. Woodview Principal Pam Pennington and Treasure Forest Principal Aaron Dominguez presented their turnaround plans to the board at the April workshop meeting. Once in IR, campuses must meet standards for two years to have the designation removed.

Treasure Forest

SBISD 2018-19 Academic Calendar Parameters

Trustees approved the parameters for the 2018-19 academic calendar. The parameters provide guidance on calendar development to the District Improvement Team (DIT), which serves as the SBISD Calendar Committee.


Consent Agenda

Trustees approved the consent agenda. Board President Karen Peck abstained from the vote because of a potential conflict of interest with the TASB contract for the compensation study. Peck said she had received a stipend from TASB this year and removed herself from the vote. The consent agenda contains items considered routine and are considered as a whole. Each trustee has the privilege of removing items from the consent agenda for separate consideration.

Consent Agenda (no. 8)

Overview of Connective Academics

Trustees heard from Executive Director Steve Shorter and his team about SBISD connective academics. Connective Academics are those that connect with and support core academic subjects, and that also connect with every department and school in some way. Presenting were department directors – Karen Justl for Educational Technology; Rusty Hess for Fine Arts; Jessica M. Lilly Hughes for Library and Media Services; Pam Johnson for Advanced Academic Studies; and Darlene Evans for Health/Fitness and Wellness. Special Education Director Joni Warren presented separately earlier this year. The presentation was part of the continual updating of Trustees on Academic Performance and Support.


FY 2018 Budget

Trustees heard an update on the 2018 budget from Dr. Muri and Associate Superintendent of Finance Karen Wilson. Wilson presented a worst-case and best-case scenario, where the only change was revenue. The best-case scenario is based on House Bill 21, recently passed by the Texas House and which pumps an extra $1.6 billion into school funding statewide. Dr. Muri noted that numbers and scenarios change daily while the Legislature is in session. Dr. Muri reiterated that he’s heard the board say loud and clear that employees should be taken care of in the next budget, after a year of no raises but a one-time salary supplement, so every budget scenario includes a compensation package that will include a competitive raise. And, he said, the results of the compensation study showed that many employees’ salaries were below market value for the area, and those salaries – mostly teachers – will be brought up to market value. “I have confidence that investing in our people is the right thing to do,” Dr. Muri said. He also said after listening to Wilson’s report that the numbers indicate the need for wholesale reform of the state’s public school finance system.

Budget Projections

Legislative Update

Dr. Muri said that he’ll continue to monitor House Bill 21 as it now works its way through the Senate. He said that four trustees were in Austin last week, visiting with key legislators and staffs. We said too that several parents are advocating for SBISD in Austin. Legislative liaison Chris Vierra said that while House Bill 21 benefits SBISD, trustees and advocates need to “keep the conversation going” for school finance reform to prevent that bill from being just a “kick the can down the road” measure.

April 10, 2017, board workshop briefs

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is the May workshop meeting on Monday, May 8, 2017, at the Wayne F. Schaper Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.

The Board of Trustees election is Saturday, May 6, 2017. Early voting is open through Tuesday, May 2. For more election information, please visit the SBISD Board of Trustees elections page.

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