Summary Report
April 23, 2018
Board agenda
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Opening Remarks

Dr. Muri announced that some 1,300 SBISD staff and families would be at the Tuesday, April 24, Houston Astros baseball game to celebrate employee service awards. Teachers of the Year will also be announced on-field before the game.

Recognition of #IAMSBISD

Trustees recognized SBISD police officer Harold Kincaid, who was recently presented with an #IAMSBISD award for Moral Compass by Associate Superintendent for Talent and Operations Jennifer Blaine and Chief of Police Bruce Dareing. On the morning of April 6, Kincaid witnessed a man get off a Metro bus at Hammerly and Gessner then attempt to cross the street in a wheelchair. While navigating the street as the light counted down, a wheel became stuck in a crack and the man struggled to dislodge it. Kincaid pulled his squad vehicle into position with lights on to shield the man, then got out and helped the man across the street. Kincaid was recognized for “doing the right thing” and awarded an #IAMSBISD for his Moral Compass.

The #IAMSBISD award is presented to district individuals and teams who exemplify SBISD’s core values of Every Child, Collaborative Spirit, Collective Greatness, Limitless Curiosity and Moral Compass.

Officer Harold Kincaid (center) with Jennifer Blaine, Board President Karen Peck, Chief Daring and Dr. Muri.

Sights and Sounds Around Spring Branch ISD

Trustees watched video from the recent Dinner with the Experts event, which brings together girls from every SBISD high school and women engineers and scientists from private industry, this year oil company BP, to promote women in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math – careers.


Recognition of Youth Art Month

Trustees recognized SBISD art students whose work has been recognized at the regional, state and national levels. This year, 45 students and their artwork were recognized as SBISD Director of Visual Arts Sally Doyle read the names as the artwork was displayed on-screen. The students art teachers were also recognized.


Student art award winners and teachers with Board President Karen Peck and Dr. Muri.

First Reading of Policy

Trustees heard on first reading a TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) policy update (TASB Update 110), which contains updates to two local policies and nine legal policies. Policy typically goes through three “readings,” or appearances before the board. Most changes occur between first and second readings, with adoption on third reading. TASB Update 110 includes

Policy Update

Adoption of Policy

Trustees adopted on third reading TASB Policy Update 109, with the exception of several local policies pulled for further review.

TASB Policy Update 109

Board Meeting Schedule

Trustees approved 6-0 (Trustee Chris Vierra was not at the regular meeting) the board meeting schedule for 2018-19. The schedule includes three all-day retreats – fall, winter and spring.

2018-19 Board Meeting Schedule

Consent Agenda

Trustees approved 6-0 the consent agenda. The consent agenda is a collection of items considered routine and that are voted on as a bloc. Individual trustees reserve the right to pull items from the consent agenda for separate consideration. No items were pulled. Board President Karen Peck abstained from voting on a contract award item because she has previously received a stipend from TASB.

Consent Agenda

Discussion of FY 2018-19 Budget

Trustees are considering using a one-time “tax swap” between the Interest & Sinking (I&S) fund and the Maintenance & Operations (M&O) fund that will generate more revenue for the M&O fund, frequently referred to as the general fund. The tax swap, authorized by the Texas Legislature following Hurricane Ike 10 years ago, allows a one-year window for public school districts in official disaster areas to “swap” tax revenue between I&S and M&O, allowing those districts more funds to recover from the disaster. SBISD is considering using two pennies – “golden” pennies that are not subject to recapture (Robin Hood) from the I&S fund – to generate $6.7 million in M&O, or general fund, revenue. Because recapture is not affected, the two pennies moved to the M&O fund will generate an additional $2.1 million in state funding, for a total of $8.8 million in additional revenue.

The swap is for one year only, and does not affect the district’s tax rate of $1.3945 -- $1.09 for the M&O fund and .3045 for the I&S fund. Associate Superintendent for Finance Karen Wilson said that revenue generated from two I&S pennies will be used in the M&O fund. Wilson said that removing funds from I&S would not affect the 2017 bond timeline or repayment of bonds. She said there is an opportunity cost of $300,000 in lost interest that’s more than offset by the $2.1 additional state funding.

Wilson also said that it would cost around $1.5 million to bring class sizes in kindergarten through second grade to the state mandated ratio of 22:1. Trustees had asked for the analysis at a recent workshop retreat. On Monday, they generally reiterated that consensus. Separately, several Trustees also said they wanted more flexibility in staffing for the district’s Catalyst campuses. Catalyst campuses are SBISD schools that are in Improvement Required status under the state accountability system.

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