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May 21, 2018
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Opening Remarks

Dr. Muri began the meeting by talking about the shooting last week at Santa Fe High School. He reiterated that while Spring Branch ISD stands with Santa Fe ISD, SBISD continues to ask ‘are we doing everything that we can?’ He said that SBISD students should not only feel safe but be safe, that the district has safely plans in place that are regularly reviewed and practiced but that will “yet again” be reviewed. But in anticipation of the meeting ahead, he said that it’s important that we celebrate students and staff.

Recognition of Karen Peck

Dr. Muri and Board President Josef Klam presented a gavel and plaque to outgoing board president Karen Peck, commemorating two years of leadership. Dr. Muri said that Peck epitomizes “integrity,” and that a community wants a leader with integrity. Klam said that it was an “honor and privilege” to follow Peck as president, and noted that she had led the board through Hurricane Harvey and the successful development and passage of the 2017 bond package. Peck always does “what’s right for our people,” Klam said.

Board President Josef Klam (left) with Trustee Karen Peck, Daniel Peck, Louis Blankenbaker (Karen’s father), Doug Peck and Dr. Muri.

Recognition of SBISD Retirees

Trustees recognized this year’s SBISD retirees, who collectively represent 1,940 years of service to SBISD and 2,347 to public education. Retirees crossed the stage, greeted by Trustees and Dr. Muri, then received a watch from Klam. Retirees were also recognized at the district’s annual Service Awards, this year at Minute Maid Park.

SBISD retirees are greeted by Trustees and Dr. Muri.

Recognition of Texas School Hero

Trustees and State Board of Education Chair Donna Bahorich surprised Stratford High School student Hannah Keller with a Texas School Hero award. Hannah and the One World Club from Stratford were at the meeting to present to Trustees when Bahorich announced the award. The One World Club was created by Hannah to build relationships between newcomers, particularly refugees, immigrants and other new, non-English speaking students, and American students at Stratford High School. Many club members were in attendance and later addressed Trustees about their club and its influence.

Board President Josef Klam (left), Hannah Keller, Donna Bahorich, Dr. Muri.

Recognition of Debate Teams Qualifying for Nationals

Trustees recognized Memorial High School and Spring Woods High School debate students who qualified for the national tournament in June in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Memorial debate coach Cecil Trent presented both school’s students on behalf of his wife and Spring Woods High School debate coach Victoria Beard, who was traveling on Monday. Trent said that the National Speech and Debate Association tournament is the oldest academic event in the country, drawing more than 5,000 competitors from around the world.

Board President Josef Klam (left) with Kendrick Foster, Olivia Du, Josh Kelm and Isabel An from Memorial High School; Kris McDermott, Anahi Torres and Garren Bundrick from Spring Woods High School; Memorial coach Cecil Trent and Dr. Muri. Not pictured is Hunter Brown from SWHS, who was at the UIL state tournament.

Recognition of Student Athletes, Trainers and Coaches

Trustees recognized SBISD athletes who advanced to state-level competition, athletic trainers and coaches who received individual honors during the 2017-18 school year. Executive Athletic Director Paige Hershey first presented the athletic trainers from each of the four comprehensive high schools. Each SBISD school has been designated a First Team Safe Sports School by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA). Safe Sports schools have practices, procedures and policies in place that position the schools as leaders in sports safety. The designations are in place for three years.

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Board President Josef Klam (left) with SBISD trainers Rochelle Abrams, Memorial High School; Johnny Gomez, Northbrook High School; Yaquanda Williams, Northbrook High School; Marianne Landon, Stratford High School; Tyra Harrell, Spring Woods High School; Sarah Sturm, Spring Woods High School; and Dr. Muri.

Hershey presented state athletes who qualified for state competition, including Stratford boys golf, boys track and boys swimming and diving; and Memorial spring tennis, boys golf and girls cross country. She noted that Memorial girls golf was in Georgetown at that moment competing in the state tournament.

Board President Josef Klam (left) and Dr. Muri with SBISD athletes who qualified for state.

Hershey then presented individual state champions, including Stratford golfer Matthew Riedel, Memorial mixed doubles tennis Andrew Esses and Drew Morris, Memorial high jumper and long jumper Claire Bryant, Stratford swimmer Emma Stephenson and Stratford swimmer Clayton Bobo – his third year as a state champion.

Board President Josef Klam (left) with Clayton Bobo, Claire Bryant, Drew Morris, Matthew Riedel and Dr. Muri.

State 6A champions Memorial Team Tennis and the Memorial girls soccer team were presented. Hershey called Coach Budd Booth and assistant Carol Andrews Memorial Team Tennis a “storied” program that has amassed a 218-7 record since 2005. Before this year, Memorial girls soccer had made 18 consecutive playoff appearances without getting past the third round. The undefeated 2018 team went 28-0-1 on its way to the 6A state championship. State Rep. Jim Murphy presented the team with a proclamation from the state of Texas.

Board President Josef Klam (left) with state champion Memorial Team Tennis and Dr. Muri.

Board President Josef Klam (left) with state champion Memorial girls soccer and Dr. Muri. Coach Lindley Amarantos is in the center accepting a state proclamation from Rep. Jim Murphy.

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Recognition of Share-a-Smile Campuses and Departments

Trustees recognized those campuses and departments that have earned Share-a-Smile designation for exemplary customer service. Becky Wuerth, a community relations specialist, presented the campuses and departments by number of years earning the designation. Now in its sixth year, the Share-a-Smile program encourages exemplary customer service across the district.


Board President Josef Klam (left) with representatives from Share-a-Smile campuses and departments and Dr. Muri.

Public Hearing on Preliminary FY 2019 Budget

Trustees held a public hearing on the 2019 budget. Assistant Superintendent of Finance Karen Wilson presented the tentative budget, with just over $304 million in expenditures (see Budget entry below). Wilson said that SBISD qualifies for a “tax swap” for school districts designated a disaster area, which will bring more revenue into the general fund. (A tax swap in this case involves moving two pennies from the Interest & Sinking rate of $.3045 to the Maintenance & Operations rate of $1.09, in effect making the M&O tax rate for the 2019 budget year $1.11. The overall tax rate of $1.3945 does not change.) The tax swap generates a little more than $6.7 million for the general fund, which also gets a bump from higher than anticipated property values. The tax swap also generates additional state revenue in the amount of $2.1 million. The proposed 2019 budget includes a 3 percent of midpoint raise for employees, the second year implementation of the compensation plan initiated last year. Anticipated recapture is $90.6 million, up from $77.4 million in 2018 and $51.1 million in 2017.

The debt service budget will see a slight reduction in revenue because of the tax swap but a $17.5 million accelerated payment on principal is included. SBISD has issued $146 million in debt as part of the 2017 authorization of $898.4 million.

No debt will be issued in FY 2019. No members of the public commented during the public hearing.

Public Hearing Presentation

First Reading of Policy

Trustees heard on first reading five policies, listed below. Trustees can submit questions and/or amendments that will come back for consideration on second reading. Policies are generally approved on third reading.

DEA (LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits, Compensation Plan ►
DEC (LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits, Leaves and Absences ►
DN (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal ►
DNA (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal, Evaluation of Teachers ►
DNB (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal, Evaluation of Campus Administrators ►
Board Policy Website ►

Adoption of Policy

Trustees unanimously adopted LEGAL and LOCAL policy contained in TASB Policy Update 110. (TASB is the Texas Association of School Boards.)

Date Change for Summer 2018 Graduation

Trustees unanimously approved changing the date of summer graduation to Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018.  The date had been Aug. 16, 2018, which is the first day of the 2018-19 school year in SBISD.

Consent Agenda

Trustees unanimously approved the consent agenda, except for several items where Trustee Karen Peck abstained and that were approved 6-0. The consent agenda is a collection of items considered routine and taken as a whole. Trustees retain the privilege of removing items from the consent agenda for individual consideration.

Consent Agenda (item 9)

Discussion of Draft FY 2019 Budget

Dr. Muri presented Trustees with a proposal to bolster professional development for teachers and campus leaders – especially for the district’s Catalyst schools and for its English Language Learners (ELs). He said that research consistently shows that the best indicator of student success is the teacher; the second, the principal. “Tonight,” he said, “(we’re asking) for an investment in those individuals and the students they serve.” That $2.4 million investment includes improved teacher supports such as job-embedded professional learning, enhanced curriculum development and a New Teacher Academy for novice teachers. It also expands into leadership with increased instructional coaching on Catalyst campuses, personnel who focus on academic outcomes of ELs and contracted services to help train leaders in key areas such as one-way dual language and EL instruction. (Catalyst schools are SBISD schools with the greatest need.)

Trustees generally liked the proposal, some drilling into specifics. Trustee Pam Goodson said that while she feels strongly about “targeted support” for Catalyst schools, she doesn’t want to see the initiatives “morph into something else,” and that she’d like to see “front line” support for all campuses. She specifically mentioned the curriculum development that was reported to the Board in February and is ongoing.

Draft FY2019 Budget and Professional Development Proposal ►
Curriculum Update Presentation from February ►

Closing Remarks

Dr. Muri commended Trustees for considering a double investment in staff with both a raise in pay and a boost in their professional growth.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the SBISD Board of Trustees will be Monday, June 11, 2018, at 6 p.m. at the Wayne F. Schaper Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.

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