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June 25, 2018
Board agenda
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Opening Remarks

Dr. Muri congratulated administrators, teachers and students on a topic that often doesn’t generate special public attention – summer school. The R&D (Research & Design) Summer Opportunity sessions held at Ridgecrest Elementary and Northbrook High schools drew hundreds of students to a “reinvented” summer school experience where teachers from 11 campuses thought differently about redesign and personalized student instruction. Dr. Muri lifted up administrators and teachers for providing an “incredible experience” for so many students this summer, one that will move forward with teachers into in the new school year.

Citizens Participation

Six district residents spoke out on a variety of interests, ranging from Northbrook High’s firefighter academy program to a state-proposed school marshal program.

Public Hearing on the Proposed Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

A final public hearing was held on the proposed SBISD 2019 budget. Associate Superintendent of Finance Karen Wilson presented the budget, which includes expenditures of about $307 million, or $4.3 million over the previous budget. As priorities, SBISD will support its T-2-4 goals, while providing a pay increase of 3 percent of midpoint for full-time employees whose salary falls within pay ranges determined by a district-wide compensation plan initiated last year. Savings and efficiencies of approximately $1.2 million are included through the modified zero-based budgeting process.

SBISD qualifies for a one-time “tax swap” for state designation as a disaster area after Hurricane Harvey flooding. The one-year tax swap will bring more than $6.7 million into the general fund by moving 2 pennies from the Interest and Sinking (I&S) rate of $.3045 to the Maintenance and Operations (M&O) rate of $1.09, effectively making the M&O rate $1.11 for the 2019 budgeting year. The swap option does not change the overall district tax rate of $1.3945, which has been maintained since 2010. In addition, this action doesn’t impact the 2017 Bond.

Anticipated state recapture of SBISD property taxes will rise to $88.4 million, up from $75.2 million this year and $51.1 million in 2017. The increase in recapture was a key point of comment for a district resident at the public hearing, who was the only public speaker, as well as many Trustees who said state lawmakers are on call in the upcoming legislative session to reform school funding, while taking action on escalating recapture payments. The Texas Legislature controls school funding and recapture issues.

After the 2019 budget was approved later in the meeting (see below), Dr. Muri noted that a study of high-paying school districts falling under state recapture found SBISD’s burden since 2009 had soared 1,473 percent, “more than any other district considered a major payer of recapture.”

FY 2019 Public Hearing Presentation

First Reading of Policy

Trustees heard on first reading eight local policies, listed below. The policies were pulled from a recommended update in March to vet for alignment to the revised Student Code of Conduct and revised Student-Parent Handbook. On first reading, Board members submit questions and/or amendments for consideration on second reading, if so desired. New or revised policies are generally approved on third reading.

EHBAF (LOCAL) Special Education - Video/Audio Monitoring
EJ (LOCAL) Academic Guidance Program
FEA (LOCAL) Attendance - Compulsory Attendance
FFAA (LOCAL) Wellness and Health Services - Physical Examinations
FFB (LOCAL) Student Welfare - Crisis Intervention
FFF (LOCAL) Student Welfare - Student Safety
FFI (LOCAL) Student Welfare - Freedom from Bullying
GKE (LOCAL) Community Relations - Business, Civic and Youth Groups

Adoption of Policy

Trustees unanimously adopted three local policies. They include a compensation plan with pay and benefits aligned to an industry standard model that establishes pay grades and pay ranges for every district position, and includes a minimum, a mid-point and maximum value within each pay range. Other local policies include performance appraisals for district employees and specific teacher evaluation.

DEA (LOCAL) Compensation and Benefits - Compensation Plan
DN (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal
DNA (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal

Discussion and Possible Adoption of Policy

Trustees unanimously adopted two local policies, after amendment. The two local policies include leaves and absences under compensation and benefits, and the evaluation of campus administrators by performance appraisal.

DEC (LOCAL) - Compensation and Benefits, Leaves and Absences
DEC (LOCAL) Proposed Amendment
DNB (LOCAL) - Performance Appraisal, Evaluation of Campus Administrators
DNB (LOCAL) Proposed Amendment

Action on Budget and Related Annual Items

Trustees voted unanimously on seven separate action agenda topics, several of which are key annual Board decisions. These include the Fiscal Year 2018 final amended budget and designation of fund balances; Fiscal Year 2019 Budget; the 2018-2019 employee health insurance rates; the 2018-2019 Compensation Plan; Student/Parent Handbook, Student Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy for 2018-2019; Board professional conferences/training opportunities for the year ahead; and Board liaison and representative assignments for 2018-2019.

Dr. Muri spoke at this meeting time about the stunning, 1,473 percent rise in SBISD’s recapture payments to the state since 2009, based on one study of Texas school districts. He was followed by Board President Josef Klam, who extolled Finance’s Karen Wilson as a truly “gifted” administrator who helps to guide the school district through difficult planning and budgeting issues.

Board President Klam noted that the year ahead was an important one for Texas legislators, who he encouraged to take up their responsibilities on school finance. The Texas Legislature will convene early next year. “It is important for us to be active, and to be active for all 35,000 students in our school system,” he said.

During separate discussion on the Student/Parent Handbook and Back to School related issues, Trustees agreed on setting a meeting date in the weeks ahead for discussing school safety and security issues.

FY2018 Final Amended Budget
FY2019 Approved Budget
2018-19 Health Insurance Rates
2018-19 Compensation Plan
2018-19 Student/Parent Handbook
2018-19 Code of Conduct
Board of Trustees Professional Development Opportunities
Board Liaison Assignments

Consent Agenda

Trustees unanimously approved the consent agenda, as presented. This consent agenda included 15 items considered routine and voted on as a whole.

Consent Agenda (item no. 10)

CTE Task Force Update

An interim report was presented to Trustees on the progress of the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Task Force by CTE Director David Sablatura and task force Co-Chair James Shaddix. The 64-member task force has held and conducted six meetings, which used a design thinking process to form a clear understanding of student and community aspirations, explore CTE exemplary programs, and develop a vision and future recommendations. The task force looked at current and future trends and in-demand occupations. To determine interests and aspirations, special empathy interviews were held with students, parents and area residents. Early findings suggest that our students find CTE classes, activities and instructors engaging and motivating. More work will be needed on communication and barriers to CTE access and participation. The task force will present a final report to the Board by December.

CTE Task Force Update
CTE Task Force Empathy Interview Findings

Course Weight Task Force Recommendation

Lance Stallworth, executive director of student support services, presented a review and recommendation from the local Course Weight Task Force on the weighting of grades for high school advanced courses. In brief, the task force recommends making no changes to the current weighting system. In addition, SBISD’s academic division will study areas of potential impact, and provide a follow-up report to the Board by October.

Course Weight Task Force Chartering Document
Course Weight Task Force Presentation

The next scheduled meeting of the Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees is Monday, Aug. 13, at 6 p.m. at the Wayne F. Schaper Leadership Center (Admin. Building), 955 Campbell.

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