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February 12, 2018
Board of Trustees Regular Agenda:
Board Workshop Agenda
Board meeting videos

Executive Session

Trustees first met in executive session. No action was taken.

Approval of Routine Personnel Items

Trustees in open session unanimously approved routine personnel items. Items were discussed in executive session.

Approval of Amended Charge and Proposed Membership of CTE Task Force

Trustees unanimously approved and amended charge and membership for the CTE Task Force (Career and Technical Education). The charge was amended to slightly adjust membership – now 66 – and to move the task force’s start date to March. The task force is charged with creating “a vision of a world-class CTE program for SBISD and develop actionable recommendations for achieving that vision.” Trustee Katherine Dawson said that while she liked the composition of the task force, she felt that it was overrepresented by business and industry people and asked that someone more from the humanities side of CTE (photography, graphics, etc.) be added. Voters approved funds in the 2017 bond package for CTE research and program recommendations and design.

Amended CTE Task Force Chartering Document

Strategic Plan Update

Following an overall look at active and completed projects as part of SBISD’s strategic plan, The Learner’s Journey, community superintendents Kristin Craft, Jennifer Parker and D’Andre Weaver presented an update on campus instructional frameworks. Part of building the Resilient Foundation of the strategic plan, instructional frameworks have three distinct elements that work in conjunction with one another: planning and design; teaching and learning; and reflection and adjustment. Each campus will continue to refine instructional frameworks and be able to next year orient new employees to those frameworks. The Learner’s Journey provides a “road map” towards the district’s singular-focused goal of T-2-4.

Strategic Plan Update Presentation

(NOTE: An update on the principal pipeline pilot, included in this presentation, will be given at the March workshop.)

Curriculum Update

Curriculum leads Donald Burken, Holly Durham, Penny Konicek-Guerrero and Ann Worley presented information on the development of proficiency scales, whose levels allow for personalization of learning, and “quads”, basically, proficiency scales built for an academic year, broken into nine-week grading periods. Proficiency scales use established standards, such as TEKS in Texas, to help both students and teachers determine where a particular student might be in learning a specific outcome – the priority standard. Associate Superintendent of Academics and Performance Tyler Ream said that proficiency scales allow learning to go deeper, not faster.

Curriculum Update Presentation

Enrollment Projections for 2018-19 School Year

Director of Research Mike Thomas presented enrollment projections for the 2018-19 school year. Using the cohort survival method, Thomas predicted enrollment next year will be 34,777, a 0.6 percent decline over the snapshot taken on Oct. 10, 2017, for the 2017-18 school year. He said that SBISD has lost 333 students over the past five years. 2017-18 enrollment projections were under actual enrollment by 0.1 percent, or 49 students, while in 2016-17 projections were under by 2 percent. Thomas said the addition of three-year-olds in the district’s preKs helped keep this year’s actual numbers closer to the prediction.

2018-19 Enrollment Projection Presentation
2018-19 Enrollment Projections

Legislative Discussion

Dr. Muri said that the Public School Finance Commission, charged with studying school finance before next year’s legislative session, have held several meetings, the first attended by Trustee Chris Vierra. Vierra said that she feels like the commission is looking to tie school financing to outcomes rather than inputs. She said there was little talk around recapture, the so-called “Robin Hood” mechanism that takes money from property-wealthy districts such as SBISD and uses it to help fund it the state’s share of public education.

Closing Remarks

Dr. Muri introduced Stacy Kim, who will transition into the Board executive assistant role, replacing David Sablatura. Coincidentally, Kim and Sablatura once worked together at Spring Oaks Middle School. Dr. Muri also reminded Trustees about the Feb. 13 State of the Schools address the following morning.

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