Summary Report
March 5, 2018
Board Workshop Agenda
Board meeting videos

Executive Session

Trustees first met in executive session. No action was taken.

Approval of 2018-19 Campus Staffing Definitions and Guidelines

Trustees unanimously approved staffing guidelines for the 2018-19 school year. Trustees discussed the guidelines at the Feb. 26 regular meeting.

2018-19 Staffing Guidelines

School Safety and Security

Trustees discussed safety and security in SBISD schools, in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., tragedy. Dr. Muri emphasized that the safety and security of students is always the district’s top priority, and specified measures both ongoing and recent that contribute to student safety. District officials have met and reviewed a required safety audit conducted every three years by the Harris County Department of Education and submitted to the Texas Education Agency, an audit last conducted in August 2017, prior to Hurricane Harvey. SBISD Chief of Police Bruce Dareing told trustees that SBISD officers are maintaining a higher visibility around campuses, not just patrolling but coming inside schools to visit. He said that arrest is not always the best option and that he has officers trained in mental health issues to help resolve many cases. The district has provided “toolboxes” to campuses to help with mental health issues and referrals.

Safety Message Video
Security and Safety Reminders

Academic Performance and Support: Curriculum Update

Lead instructional coaches gave the second part of a presentation that began at the Feb. 12 workshop meeting. Secondary humanities lead Holly Durham led trustees through a “test drive” of proficiency scales and “quads” – basically an academic year of proficiency scales and the unit planner. The proficiency scales break down TEKS – Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills – into priority standards and develop proficiency measures around those standards. The quads provide specifics, including links to resources, lesson plans and more. Elementary science lead Donald Burken joked that the standards to this point have taken three years, and “we’ll be working on them for the next 100 years,” meaning that the work is ongoing. The proficiency scales are starting to catch on with teachers, who are both using the scales and contributing their own resources and lesson plans to the effort. Trustees were pleased with the progress made. “I believe this is what shifts the performance of our schools,” said Trustee Pam Goodson. Board President Karen Peck said that while there is some confusion around personalized learning, the proficiency scales show that the curriculum is “empowering every teacher for every child.”

Core Curriculum Update

FY2019 Budget Update

Associate Superintendent of Finance Karen Wilson said that the budget process is ongoing but ramps up now that enrollment and staffing projections have been approved, and departments have presented their budgets. The staffing is particularly important, she said, since about 85 percent of the budget is payroll. She said that the district expects to get its certified estimated of property values by late April, and after that the roll of reappraised properties for the current year, those properties impacted by Hurricane Harvey. She said the state is still gathering information about Harvey-impacted districts as well. The budget is generally adopted during the June regular meeting.

SBISD FY2019 Budget

Closing Remarks

Dr. Muri reminded Trustees that the Commission on School Finance is meeting on March 7 and March 19 to continue its study of public school finance in Texas.

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