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March 6, 2017
Board of Trustees Regular Agenda:
Board Workshop Agenda
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Academic Performance and Support: Core Academics Update

Associate Superintendent for Academic Support and Performance Tyler Ream shared an overview and framework for core academics. Ream and the academic team have developed priority standards based on TEKS (Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge) and are now working on proficiency scales for each of those standards. This work prioritizes the most important skills that SBISD students need to learn and sets district expectations to assure those skills are taught at the same level of rigor and high expectations in all classrooms across the system.   The district is also developing a marketplace that will be a repository for best practices, programs, software, etc. that can be used by campuses to personalize their offerings to students. The core curriculum is designed around scalable scope and sequence, a flexible assessment platform, a multi-tiered intervention platform, and aligned professional development.


Discussion of FY2018 Budget, Including TASB Compensation Study

Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri presented some preliminary numbers from the 2018 draft budget, acknowledging that, with the Texas Legislature in session through May, changes are likely to happen. In fact, he said, the numbers had changed only the afternoon of the workshop, based off a school finance bill filed that day by Rep. Dan Huberty. While House Bill 21 appears to be favorable to SBISD, the long-term budgetary outlook for SBISD remains challenging, with escalating recapture payments forcing continued use of the district’s fund balance – its savings account – to balance flat budgets. But HB 21 initial projections mean an additional $6 million to SBISD in state funding in FY 2018, and coupled with an administrative recalculation of recapture puts the district in a slightly better financial position for FY 2018 (the district is currently in FY 2017).

Still, Dr. Muri said, the district needs to take care of its employees and showed Trustees two plans developed from the recent compensation study that found SBISD teachers were the lowest paid among area districts. Each plan brings employees up to the area median salary and would provide a raise on top of that. “It troubles me about 2020 and 2021,” said Board President Karen Peck, “but we’re in a position to do something (for employees) now.” Trustees instructed Dr. Muri to develop a budget that includes bringing salaries up to area median and a raise.

Budget Projections
Compensation Study Presentation
Compensation Study Summary

Research and Design: Measures of Success

Associate Superintendent of Research and Design Elliott Witney presented measures for the district’s overarching goal of T-2-4 – doubling the number of students who obtain a two-year or four-year degree, technical certificate or military training. Witney and his team have been working on the measures since last fall, including giving several presentations to and taking feedback from Trustees. “We feel really good about this,” Witney said. “We’ve had good response from stakeholder groups.” Next steps, he said, are to integrate the measures into district and campus planning and goalsetting, and into partnerships and the district’s family engagement program; and to bring the measures to life through an online dashboard. Trustees are very interested in the dashboard, at least partially to address the state’s A-F rating system as it will enable the showcasing of multiple measures of success, beyond just the STAAR test, that the district believes to be the priority gauges of student growth and success.


Proposal to Form Task Force to Study Course Weighting Practices

Trustees gave consensus to forming a task force to study course weighting, the designation of more “weight” given to high-rigor courses for calculation of grade-point averages (GPA), such as Advanced Placement (AP), Pre-Advanced Placement, Dual Credit (starting next year) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. Executive Director for Student Support Services Lance Stallworth told Trustees that he knows course weights haven’t been reconsidered at least since 2006, and that since that time the district has adopted its T-2-4 goal, become a non-ranking district, and expanded course offerings while the state has adopted new graduation pathways. Trustees said they wanted the charge to the task force to be clear that only course weighting practices would be looked at. “There will be interest in broadening the scope (of the work),” said Trustee Pam Goodson. Trustee Katherine Dawson warned that course weighting will mean “different things to different people.” Stallworth and district staff will present Trustees with a proposed charge for the task force at an upcoming meeting.


Legislative Update

Dr. Muri told Trustees that he testified before the House Public Education Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and felt like he was heard by committee members. He said that HB21, filed on Monday, March 6, doesn’t touch recapture but is “good news” for SBISD. The bill puts transportation money into the basic allotment, helps ASATR districts, gives a funding “weight” for dyslexic students and provides a “significant” increase to the basic allotment. He said that there’s some movement on changes to health care and insurance and that he’ll continue to monitor as the session progresses. Trustee Chris Vierra, the board’s legislative liaison, said that she’ll start soon working on the next round of Trustee visits to the Capitol. She thanked the community for its effort in Austin, saying she’s hearing the Spring Branch name more and more and credits “our active community members.”

Dr. Muri’s Testimony (around the 3:11:00 mark)
Text of HB 21

The next Board of Trustees meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 27, 2017, at the Wayne F. Schaper Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.

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