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April 10, 2017
Board of Trustees Regular Agenda:
Board Workshop Agenda
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Second Reading of Policy

Trustees approved on second reading Policy DFE (LOCAL)-Termination of Employment, Resignation. The changes provide technical updates to the policy, which goes to third and final reading in a future board meeting.

Policy DFE (LOCAL) Termination of Employment, Resignation

Approval of Charge and Composition of Bond Advisory Committee

Trustees unanimously approved a charge and composition of a Bond Advisory Committee, which will prioritize the work of the Long Range Facilities Committee and recommend a bond proposal package to the board. Dr. Muri will bring names for the committee to the April 24 regular meeting. Membership on the committee will be predicated by a commitment to a streamlined timeline, with the committee completing is work and making a recommendation to the Board of Trustees by June, 30, 2017.

Charge and Composition of Bond Advisory Committee

Approval of Board Meeting Schedule for 2017-18

Trustees unanimously approved the board meeting schedule for 2017-18. Added to the schedule this year is a Spring Retreat on April 13, 2018. The board traditionally meets in a Fall Retreat early in the school year and a Winter Retreat in December, which remain on the schedule.

2017-18 Board Meeting Schedule

Presentation of Woodview Elementary and Treasure Forest Elementary 2017-18 Turnaround Plans

Trustees heard the turnaround plans for two elementary schools that are in their second year of Improvement Required (IR) under the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS). Woodview Elementary principal Pam Pennington said that while she’s “confident” that her school will come out of IR status this year, the plan is to better use data to drive differential instruction. She said she’s already seeing cultural improvements such as better discipline throughout the campus, and more parental engagement. Treasure Forest principal Aaron Dominguez said that his school’s plan is data-driven and includes blocks of English language development for K-3. The campus culture is moving towards one of professional learning and collaboration. Once in IR, campuses must meet standards for two years to have the designation removed.

Woodview Turnaround Plan
Treasure Forest Turnaround Plan

Innovation Strategy Update

Associate Superintendent for Research and Design Elliott Witney told trustees that much of the work with the district’s strategic plan, The Learner’s Journey, has been largely out of sight, but significant.  He said that T-2-4 is “at the center of everything we do” and that most of the work this year has been on building the Resilient Foundation, one of four themes in The Learner’s Journey. District and campus teams are conducting rigorous research, piloting “micro” innovations and studying school redesigns, he said, providing examples of each. He also noted the work staff and Trustees did on the T-2-4 measures of success.

Trustee Pam Goodson asked how, if teachers are taking risks by micro innovation in “silos”, how do they connect with others? Dr. Muri said that the culture of innovation is the district’s strategy and that workable ideas can be shared out through Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and also become part of a knowledge warehouse.


Teacher and Principal Appraisal System

Associate Superintendent for Talent and Operations Jennifer Blaine and Director of Recruitment Karen Heeth recommended that Trustees adopt the Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS) as the district’s principal appraisal system. T-PESS would more easily align with the recently adopted T-TESS (Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System), and both T-PESS and T-TESS can be aligned with The Learner’s Journey, the district’s strategic plan. Trustees will decide whether to adopt T-PESSand the appropriate student growth measure in an upcoming meeting.


Legislative Update

Dr. Muri told Trustees that he testified before the House Public Education Committee the week of April 3 on a bill concerning cameras in special education classrooms, and a bill that addresses public school districts engaging with public charter schools. He said Trustees are planning trips to the Capitol to visit with legislators. Trustee Chris Vierra said that Rep. Jim Murphy has signed on as a co-author to House Bill 21, the school finance bill that’s been voted out of the House Public Education Committee.

Legislative Blog

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees is the regular meeting on Monday, April 24, 2017, at 7 p.m., in the Wayne F. Schaper Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.

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