2007 Bond

At the core of everything we do, and at the heart of the 2007 Bond Program, is the desire to provide our students with quality educational experiences. Our residents, and their children, expect and deserve nothing less.

looking back - A history of the Bond Program

A Model for Success in Spring Branch ISD

The 2007 Bond Program was born out of visioning work done by the school district as far back as 2005. The result of that work was the first Five-Year Educational Plan. To support the educational plan, district leadership had the foresight to create a committee comprised of staff and community members to study and recommend a Technology Plan and a Long Range Facilities Plan. These two plans would inform a 60-member Bond Advisory Committee charged to work with district personnel to develop a bond proposal package for recommendation to the Board of Trustees. THE PROCESS: Demographic Study • Facilities Capacity Study • Facilities Committee • Debt Capacity Study • Bond Advisory Committee

In June 2007, the Bond Advisory Committee recommended to the Board of Trustees a $597 million package of facility improvements and purchases to be completed during a 2008-2012 timeframe. The Board then met five times for thorough detailed discussions of the plan. The Board reflected on the cost of building new replacement schools vs. the cost of sustaining the existing structures that still need to be replaced in the future.

On Sept. 5, 2007, the Board called a bond election for a total of $597,150,000 to be held on Nov. 6, 2007. The Bond Plan was approved by voters by a nearly 60-40% margin. In December 2007, the Board appointed a Bond Oversight Committee to ensure that the Bond Program remains faithful to the priorities identified in the 2007 Bond Plan approved by the voters.

where we are today

In SBISD we talk about dreaming big and achieving big...and with the 2007 Bond Program we did. Thanks to the leadership, vision and collaborative work of parents, educators and community members we have much to celebrate in Spring Branch!

On time, under budget and locally controlled the 2007 Bond Program in SBISD is a success. The bond program has now rebuilt a dozen new elementary schools; funded hundreds of major renovation and critical maintenance projects; upgraded safety and security at all campuses; paid for new, air-conditioned and fuel-efficient school buses; improved athletic facilities; and put thousands of new laptops and mobile learning devices into the hands of teachers and students. With just a few more major projects pending – Rummel Creek Elementary and the Spring Branch Education Center – it’s not too early to begin celebrating a milestone in SBISD’s bond history, the completion of the 2007 Bond Program. The support of our community throughout this bond inspires and humbles us. We could not do the work we do without you. We thank you.

a vision and belief about teaching & learning

We’re building buildings based on a vision and belief about teaching and learning…and how we want our children to be nurtured, how we want them to grow and how we want them to be prepared as they move on to post-secondary.
We looked at our values…our mission…our vision…and then created an environment and facility that supports that.

- Jennifer Blaine, Associate Superintendent of Administration & Operations

Bond 2007

The real beauty of our bond is that it encompasses our community as a whole. It’s as much about replacing aging facilities as much as it is about transforming the way we think about the educational experience.

The Bond Oversight Committee played a critical role in the success of the 2007 Bond Program. This independent 16-member citizens' committee was established in 2007 to monitor the progress of the district Bond Program, and ensured that bond revenues were spent appropriately and remained faithful to the priorities of the Bond Plan that was approved by voters in November 2007. Committee members evaluated risks and controls of the Bond Program, reporting regularly to the Superintendent, Board of Trustees and general public. The committee was composed of area business leaders, professionals in the building and construction industry, area community members and active SBISD parents. Committee members met every three months during the duration of the 2007 Bond Program. Committee members were not compensated for their participation, nor were they permitted to have active or pending contracts with the district. Downloads: Archival Planning Documentation


We stretched the system and got results.

The community…the leadership of the district…everyone collectively really helped to stretch the system and we would not have gotten what we have today without that type of leadership…it really stretched my thinking on what was possible. - Duncan F. Klussmann, Ed.D., SBISD Superintendent of Schools

The Bond Program really showed the school district the power of what can be accomplished when people work together to do great things for the community and great things for kids. Listen to SBISD Superintendent of Schools, Duncan F. Klussmann, talk about the Bond Program here.

building Pride in the community

The 2007 Bond Program has been successful…go visit the communities where there schools are built.
Our constituents take pride in the communities where these elementary schools are…
and they take pride in Spring Branch...that we’re moving forward and educating kids.

- Wayne Schaper, SBISD Board of Trustees

by the numbers

SBISD haD a healthy bond fund and all bond funds remained in spring branch.
100% of bond funds and the proceeds from bond funds approved by district voters remained in SBISD and directly benefited our children.

Spring Branch ISD has been able to deliver more schools – on time and under budget – while maintaining a healthy, LOCALLY CONTROLLED bond fund. SBISD basically operates out of two funds: the general fund for ongoing operations; and the bond fund for capital improvements. While most revenue in the GENERAL FUND is generated locally through the Maintenance and Operations tax, a portion of that money is sent to the state in the form of recapture, or Robin Hood. The state reduces its funding as property wealth increases, effectively negating any revenue increase and creating funding challenges for SBISD.

The BOND FUND approved by voters in 2007 is 100 percent locally controlled and 100 percent invested in our local schools. All money raised through bond sales stays in Spring Branch, and how it is spent is decided locally. It’s worth noting that while the district faces funding challenges with its general fund, the bond fund is robust and healthy, with all work promised to voters either accomplished, planned or in progress.

Bond funds are used only to fund to support the bond program and its projects, capital improvements such as building, improving or maintaining facilities, and purchasing buses, technology or school sites. Revenue generated by the Interest and Sinking (I&S) tax rate of $.3045 is dedicated to paying debt service on the money borrowed through bond sales. By state law, the two funds – bond and general – are separate pots of money and cannot be commingled. Millions of Spring Branch tax dollars have been sent elsewhere because of Robin Hood and state funding formulas, but 100 percent of bond funds, approved by district voters, remain in SBISD and directly benefit our children.

Millions of Spring Branch tax dollars have been sent elsewhere due to ongoing state legislation, but 100 percent of bond funds approved by district voters remained in SBISD to directly benefitting our children. Click here to read more about BOND FUNDING and PROGRAM ACCELERATION.


13 Campus Rebuilds

About $235 million of bond funds were used to replace 13 schools built between 1938 and 1967 either at or near their original campus locations. Edgewood and Westwood Elementary schools were built on new community sites.

Extensive upgrades & additions

About $67 million of the bond funds were use to provide extensive upgrades or additons for safety and security upgrades; technology infrastructure; and unfunded state mandates for enhanced science labs.

replacement VS. renovation

The school district was able to save $55 million in total bond funds through careful facility analysis. Additions, such as new libraries or gyms, were also retained in new school plans. This savings was impactful to the entire scope of the Bond Program.

General vs. Bond

The funds approved and used for bonds are
not part of the general fund used for day-to-day school operations.

Financial Fast Facts: READ >>
2007 BOND Financial Snapshot: READ >>

GEneral funds State Controlled

    General funds are based on a formula dictated by the state. The district uses
    the general fund to pay for
    day-to-day operations of educating students.

    The general fund is facing challenges.

bond funds Locally Controlled

    Bond funds remain in
    the school district and are
    locally controlled
    unlike funds provided by
    school taxes.

    SBISD's bond fund is
    strong and healthy.


    On average most districts
    receive 41% of their
    funding from the state.
    Spring Branch ISD
    Of the $26 million paid by taxpayers in 2014, only $5
    million will be returned to
    SBISD schools.

it's about collective greatness

It’s that ‘collective greatness’ that we seek in our district. Everyone has a voice at the table.
That committee came together…they thought about the district…they research…they took the time to do it absolutely right.

print it!

click here to download a copy of the 2007 Bond Program report. report published for the purpose of capturing the history of the Bond Program and its legacy for the spring branch community. (PDF Format)

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