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Become a PartnerBusiness partner framework

Exposing students to the world of work in their chosen program of study connects them to their future while still in high school. Real world opportunities allow students to learn, practice and perfect their academic and technical skills as they gain experience in their program of study.  Students also learn valuable employability skills like communication, collaboration, creativity and analysis.  A critical connection point in the CTE learning environment is the relationship with business and industry partners who support the program of study.

SBISD Career and Technical Education department seeks to develop business and industry partnerships that align to each program of study offered in the District. Additionally, Advisory Council(s) will be established to collaborate amongst partners and share goals for CTE student experiences through partnerships.  Each partnership will vary according to business availability, student opportunity, and classroom connection.

Partnership sign-up

We anticipate the following types of business and industry partner offerings through SBISD Career and Technical Education:

Ways to connect

  • Classroom Support – Business and industry partners visit CTE classrooms and labs as a guest speaker, co-teach or provide industry level knowledge related to project based learning and problem solving.
  • Field Experience – Business and industry partners provide students with an opportunity to see a day in the life of their industry. This can include a field trip, job shadow day, work site visit or other field based experience.
  • Student Internship - Business and industry partners collaborate with Practicum and Career Prep teachers to allow students regular paid or unpaid work experiences at their officer or work sites throughout the school year and/or during a summer internship.
  • Teacher Externship - Business and industry partners provide an onsite office and/or work site learning experience for teachers within a related program of study for continuing education. This experience allows teachers to stay relevant within the industry and gather lesson plan and project based learning ideas for implementation in their classroom.
  • CTE Event – Business and industry partners participate in campus or district career days, serve as judges at Career and Technical Education Student Organization (CTSO) competitions, review capstone projects, and/or hosting CTE events at an office or work site.
  • Program Sponsor – Business and industry partners provide equipment, signage, student scholarship and/or other financial support to a specific CTE program.
  • Advisory Council – Business partners from an industry sector who work together to support a CTE program of study through regular meetings, and varied level of participation through partner commitment.
  • Program Advisor – Support for various areas within a Program of Study, including curriculum development, teacher training, equipment recommendations

Partnership levels


Classroom Support

Field Experience

Student Internship

Teacher Externship

CTE Events

Program Sponsor

Advisory Council

Program Advisor













  1. Knowledge Partner – Knowledge partners work with CTE Programs of Study in a limited capacity through classroom interaction. This partnership includes proving at least one classroom experience to a Program of Study each semester.
  2. Technical Partner – Technical partners engage with CTE students and teachers through project based learning and providing professional knowledge to Programs of Study.  This partnership includes providing at least one classroom experience per semester and support at one CTE event per semester.
  3. Trade Partner – Trade partners focus on field experiences, events and CTE classroom support as well as providing guidance as a program advisor. This partnership includes providing at least one classroom experience per semester and support at one CTE event per semester.
  4. Professional Partner – Professional partners tangibly connect CTE Programs of Study to the world of work. This includes providing field experiences, paid or unpaid student internships, and teacher externships.
  5. Program Partner - Program partners are engaged in most or all aspects of the CTE Program of Study, including program design, curriculum and instructional materials, facilities and equipment, and often teacher training.

CTE Partner Agreement

All partners must comply with SBISD volunteer requirements for any on campus participation as well as student field trip experiences.
Any additional agreement will be determined based on level of partnership and partner/ISD requirements.

Partner return

  • Website listing
  • Facility branding & signage where appropriate
  • Event recognition
  • Priority graduates from program of study for employment opportunities


  • Amy Trejo
    Administrative Assistant, CTE